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Revealing how to play 99% winning odds in handicap betting

Handicap betting, also known as running ball, is a type of bet favored by many experienced bettors whenever there are favorite football matches. Despite its popularity, only a limited number of bettors understand the easiest strategies for placing handicap bets. Handicap bets can bring in high profits, but knowing how to play them is crucial for success. Addressing this situation, today's article will disclose some secrets to enhance the quality of playing handicap bets in football for bettors.

What is a Handicap bet?

Handicap bets are those placed during a live match. You win the bet as long as there is at least one goal scored during the match.

For many football betting enthusiasts, especially those passionate about sports betting, it is essential to understand what handicap betting or Handicap is and the strategies for placing such bets. Handicap betting, also known as Running Ball, is a type of football betting where winning the bet yields attractive rewards. Additionally, many best bookmaker sites offer this type of bet, similar to full-time or over/under bets. Players can place bets directly within the time frame set by the bookmakers.

This type of bet is popular among bettors due to its lower risk and the potential for significant profits. Many players see it as an opportunity to quickly recover their investment. With experience and accurate predictions, players can consistently achieve high winning rates in handicap betting.

In fact, many bettors prefer this type of betting. Even newcomers with no experience in sports betting can easily participate. By choosing the odds wisely, players can comfortably engage in handicap betting.

How to play Handicap bets

For any type of bet, there are specific playing methods and strategies for bettors to easily win. Here are some tips for playing handicap bets:

Handicap bets counting injury time:

Unlike over/under or full-time bets that do not count injury time, handicap bets consider the entire duration of the match, including injury time. Therefore, if over/under bets are placed only within the 90 minutes, handicap bets must account for the 90 minutes plus injury time.

To increase the chances of winning, bettors must continuously monitor matches to provide accurate analysis and predictions. For each specific situation, bettors should have their own judgment, and not every situation should involve identical betting decisions.

Considering injury time will significantly improve the chances of winning. Bettors need to think carefully before deciding to place bets to avoid substantial losses.

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Handicap bets are easier to win towards the end of the match:

According to many experienced bettors, handicap bets are easiest to win towards the end of the match. The odds for handicap bets during this time are the most closely watched. This period is considered the best time for bettors to secure significant profits. Additionally, most players tend to place bets towards the end of the match.

The simplest way to play handicap bets, which increases the chances of winning for bettors, is to choose a team with good abilities and a high likelihood of winning. Moreover, many teams often adopt an attacking strategy towards the end of the match. Bettors can rely on this information to enhance their chances of winning.

Avoid betting on major tournaments:

Avoid betting on major tournaments

Major tournaments often have lower goal-scoring rates, while smaller tournaments have much higher scoring rates. Therefore, for bettors interested in handicap betting, it is advisable to choose medium-sized and smaller tournaments, rather than placing bets on major tournaments.

Experienced bettors may have accurate predictions and choose tournaments with higher winning probabilities. It is recommended to choose tournaments with higher chances of winning. Major tournaments like the Premier League, Champions League, etc., should be avoided. Thoroughly research match information to significantly increase the chances of winning.

Some of the easiest-to-win handicap betting strategies today

Handicap betting offers various ways to choose bets. Therefore, bettors need to grasp the best strategies for playing to achieve the highest winning rates. Below are some of the best strategies for playing this type of bet for football enthusiasts to consider:

Choose a reputable bookmaker:

Bettors should select a reputable online betting platform. bet win tips is currently chosen by many sports betting enthusiasts for its accurate predictions. Here, bettors have the opportunity to win a much higher prize than other bookmakers.

This is considered a crucial experience for playing handicap bets. A considerable number of new players make the mistake of choosing the wrong bookmaker, leading to the loss of their entire bet amount. Additionally, playing at lower-quality bookmakers often results in very low winning rates. Therefore, it is best for sports betting enthusiasts to choose a large and highly reputable bookmaker. When playing at such bookmakers, players will not have to worry about being deceived or their personal information being leaked. Moreover, when playing at reputable bookmakers, the winning rates are usually higher than ever. From there, players will undoubtedly win "huge" prize money if they know how to accurately play handicap bets.

Additionally, Wintips offers large odds, up to 99%. Players can easily "recover" as quickly as possible. Therefore, experienced players or newbies who are learning about over/under bets all choose Ku Bet as their trustworthy betting platform.

Fast and stable internet speed:

When playing handicap bets, ensuring a fast and stable internet connection is crucial, as it can significantly impact your prize money. If, unfortunately, lag or disconnection occurs, players may miss a "golden" bet that they confidently expected to win.

Therefore, during the process of playing these bets, players need to ensure that their internet connection is stable. In case the internet connection is not stable, it is best for players to refrain from participating in placing bets to avoid wasting their betting money.

Choose the right bets:

Choosing the right bets is a crucial experience for playing handicap bets that players need to pay special attention to. The best strategy for players is to choose a maximum of three handicap bets. If players choose too many bets, it will be challenging to analyze the situation accurately, especially for new bettors just starting to play these bets.

Furthermore, when betting on a maximum of three handicap bets, players can control the situation more effectively, thereby increasing their winning rates. Gradually developing their strategies will allow players to eventually place bets with larger amounts to increase their regular prize money.

Always monitor the match:

As this type of bet only appears during the official playing time of the match, players wishing to place accurate handicap bets must closely monitor the entire match from start to finish. Additionally, special attention should be paid to every detail of the match to make the best handicap betting decisions quickly and increase the chances of winning.

By closely monitoring the match, players can determine the psychology and performance of each team. From there, they can predict the match's outcome, making it easier to win bets.


Through this article, you have learned how to play handicap bets in a simple and easy way. Bettors will find it easy to win handicap bets if they know how to choose and place accurate bets. Additionally, players should thoroughly research before placing bets to significantly increase their chances of winning.


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