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Asian Handicap (AH) and all the information you need to know

Asian Handicap is considered a betting odds with relatively high profit returns for players. It is also a betting odds that many people choose. So what is Asian Handicap at bookmaker? Let's explore football tips net this betting odds together with Wintips through the following article!

Asian Handicap is easy to play, diverse

Asian Handicap is a quite common term in the field of sports betting. This betting odds is used quite a lot in various bookmakers and is considered an important odds in determining the outcome of a match.

When participating in Asian Handicap betting, players do not need to care about the score of each match. Instead, they only need to predict the overall result including 3 betting options: win, lose, and draw.

Furthermore, Asian Handicap betting at reputable bookmakers also helps players save time because they do not need to research information like other types of betting odds.

Detailed guide on Asian Handicap betting

So how to read Asian Handicap? Let's go through some guidelines on how to bet Asian Handicap below.

Some rules to remember about Asian Handicap

Before learning how to effectively read Asian Handicap, players need to grasp some basic rules about Asian Handicap. For example, symbols and abbreviations. Similar to popular types of betting odds today, Asian Handicap also has rules and symbols as follows:

1×2: This is the abbreviation for Full time and is understood as Asian Handicap for half a match.

1×2: In addition to the abbreviation of Full time, 1×2 is also understood as First Half 1×2 equivalent to Asian Handicap for the first half.

However, players also need to note that Asian Handicap only counts the result during the match and does not count extra time.

In addition to the rules of abbreviations in the betting odds, players also need to understand the symbols of the following 3 betting options:

1 (Home team): This is known as the symbol for the home team, players will win if they bet on the home team winning the match.

X (Draw): When the odds of both teams draw, players will win the bet.

2 (Away team): If the away team wins, it means players win the bet.

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Guide to Calculating Bonuses When Participating in Asian Handicap Betting

Calculating bonuses when participating in Asian Handicap (AH) betting is extremely simple and easy to implement. AH betting bonuses are calculated based on the odds ratio and the specific amount of money that the player wagers. When winning, the player will receive a bonus amount calculated using the formula: Bonus = Wager x (Corresponding Odds Ratio – 1).

Example Related to 1×2 Betting Odds

Here are some examples related to 1×2 betting odds that players can follow. Specifically:

In AH betting, players wager on the Over/Under market, represented by 1×2. This corresponds to the odds ratio of 2.5 (win) – 3.2 (draw) – 3.7 (lose), with payouts for each outcome as follows:

If a player bets on the home team and wins, they will receive 2.5 times their initial wager. For instance, if a player bets 100k, they will receive a total of 250k for a win.

Players will receive a profit of 3.2 times their initial wager if they tie and win the bet. For example, if a player bets 100k, they will profit 320k.

Players betting on the away team and winning the bet will receive their initial wager multiplied by 3.7. For instance, if a player bets 100k, they will receive 370k.

Effective Tips for AH Betting

To achieve the utmost success when participating in AH betting, players need to apply some betting tips to attain the best results. Here are some useful AH betting tips that players should not overlook. Specifically:

Consider important factors: Players need to carefully analyze every potential factor that may arise in each match, such as recent performance, venue, starting lineup, and substitutes. These are all factors that directly influence the match outcome.

Monitor the fitness of each player: Monitoring player fitness is crucial for players to understand the condition of each team. It also helps in assessing their absence from each match. The presence or absence of any player can significantly affect the match's performance.

Seek information from reliable sources and ensure credibility: Players can access reputable websites like Wintips to gather detailed information about each match's performance. This includes tracking each player's playing statistics. From there, players can develop a reasonable AH betting strategy.

Explore betting forums: Following and participating in betting forums allows players to exchange information betting tips website about each team's performance. They can also discuss opinions and predictions with each other. This method helps players quickly grasp information and receive evaluations from experienced individuals.

Closing Words

The above information covers all aspects of AH betting. Hopefully, this will provide players with useful insights into this odds ratio. Additionally, it will enable them to employ reasonable betting strategies and secure attractive rewards. Don't forget to visit Wintips for more useful information updates!


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