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Couple Rings - the sustainable method to go

Wedding planning is filled with emotions, planning skills and anxiety. The anticipation is increasing and you are looking forward to the big day with anticipation. There are many aspects that need to be scheduled and ordered. From the wedding outfit to the decorations, to the food, you have to organize everything with a keen concentration on the details.

Have you ever thought about what remains after the wedding? It's not food, nor the decorations or the music. The only thing that will stand the test of time are your memories the pictures and, more importantly, your wedding rings. After your wedding, they will remain with your forever. They are not only the most prominent symbol of your love, but they are also the most sustainable part of your wedding.

The reason is that they not only stay with you throughout your entire married life They are also worn on your ring day after day and are therefore actually frequently used. After the wedding ceremony, the wedding rings can't be removed or left to sit in the dark corners.

Wedding rings made from recycled gold

The wedding rings of Fischer have another impressive aspect that they are made of recycled gold. Always. That means only the gold that is already in circulation is used. Recycling gold reduces the need for new mining of material sources. Mining gold is associated with several negative and non-sustainable elements. Gold mining is typically associated with negative elements, especially when it comes to sustainability.

By your side for life

The subject of sustainability has undoubtedly arrived in the wedding industry. There is even a word for weddings that are sustainable: Green Wedding. You should ask these questions in the beginning of your wedding planning process, to help you make the sustainable wedding of your goals a reality. What is the order in which we distribute our priorities? Do we want to invest in fireworks that will be lit before the guests or invest in the higher quality wedding rings? Your wedding rings will remain with you for the rest of your life. They also wear off more slowly than other investment options.

Don't miss it: the MEISTER wedding rings weeks in 2024!

Looking for that perfect wedding rings? Purchase your dream ring from MEISTER and save big in the big March voucher campaign!

In the MEISTER wedding ring week in March 2024, there are attractive prizes of up to 250 euros to be won each day! The prize is worth the effort: Each participant gets a voucher for engravings on the ring.

Take part in the current campaign:

Between March 1 to 31, 2024, you can take part in the raffle on the MEISTER website, every day. Five vouchers will be raffled every day. They can be used for wedding bands purchased from MEISTER at participating jewelers.

Explore the rings of your Dreams!

Be it timeless classic or creative: At MEISTER you can find a stunning and high-quality selection of wedding rings that cover the most diverse budgets. Every MEISTER wedding ring is crafted by hand using the highest quality gold and platinum alloys and is exclusive to each bride and groom. Try MEISTER rings on your hand at the MEISTER jeweler's partner stores.


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